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COVID-19 Information - updated January 2021

BIPS is currently providing in-person services supplemented with telehealth if or as needed. Services are provided in the home, at our office, and if appopriate in school settings.

BIPS takes the saftey and health of our clients and staff very seriously. We have a COVID-19 Risk Mitigation plan with specific guidelines to be followed, by both providers as well as clients. Our COVID-19 Risk Mitigation plan is comprehensive, including protections for everyone: clients as well as employees.

New York State has a mandatory quarantine order for individuals coming to NYS under certain circimstances. Visit for details.

We are providing parents with regular update emails. Please signup through this link. If you are not a family member and would like to get our quarterly newsletter, you can sign up for our "General News" Category

We would like to thank our clients for your patience during this difficult time.

The unknown is definately scary, but a calm and logical approach to our communal well being is what is needed.

The BIPS home office is located in Hempstead, NY, centrally located in Nassau County and close to the border of Queens. We provide empirically supported psychological and behavioral services to children with learning or behavioral challenges and their families.

Our employees all have training and experience in Applied Behavior Analysis. Several of our employees are NYS Licensed Behavior Analysts, and several of our paraprofessionals are completing coursework and experience hours toward licensure in ABA.  We utilize this scientific problem solving approach to understand the social and environmental conditions that inhibit learning or contribute to problematic behavior. We then work with children, parents, and school personnel to find the most practical and effective approaches to improving performance and ameliorating problems while providing accountability to all parties by objectively measuring the outcomes of interventions.


* * * Looking for a Social Skills Group?  * * *
We are currently screening candidates for our
Social Skills Groups

for ages 12-18: PEERS® social skills training program for adolescents!

 group of kids

The PEERS® program for Adolescents is an evidence-based social skills intervention for teens in middle and high school who are interested in learning ways to make and keep friends.

Teens are taught important social skills and are given the opportunity to practice these skills in session and between sessions.

BIPS is pleased to provide the PEERS® program by certified PEERS® trainers for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

for ages 7-11: Children's Friendship Training

The friendship training program is an evidence-based social skills intervention for school-aged children. Children are taught important social skills such as learning ways to make and keep friends, and are given the opportunity to practice in session and between sessions.

Find out more here: BIPS - Social Skills